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Surface Mount Assembly from EKI

CEMS in 5,000 SF of it's 10,000 SF facility devoted to Excellence in SMT with SMD's

EKI now does surface mount assembly for all of it's keyboards. If you have a need for a small state of the art attentive facility for your SMT boards to be assembled, ask us for a quote. Trust in confidence with an assembly house that uses their SMT product in their industrial keyboards and operator stations for use in harsh industrial environments. We are now running 500 boards a month, that's only one day a week so we have room for your boards!

ROHS SignEKI keyboards and processes are now lead free RoHS compliant.


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SMT Assembly Machines

MyData TP9 and TP9-UFP runing 2.4 software. For 0401 and 15 mil and up components.


MyData TP11-UFP placement machine. Capable of 144 diffrerent components at one setup.

reflow oven

One of two reflow ovens, Vitronics SMR 800N 10 zone oven for up to 350 degrees C, leaded and unleaded reflow, nitrogen capable, and the second a Heller 1500W with track and conveyer.

smt screen printer

Three Screen Printers, Shown one of two MPM screen printers, and a DEK 248 screen printers.

assembly area 1

SMT and one assembly area.

SMD Assembly Area

Through hole and hand placed SMT parts assembly area (30'x40').

Test and inspection area.

assembly area 3

Product assembly area (30'x40').

15 years of experience in SMT, and 30 years in PCB and electronic assembly. If you have a need for a state of the art attentive facility for your printed circuit boards to be assembled, ask us for a quote. Trust in confidence with an assembly house that uses their PCB assembly in their industrial products that are used in very harsh industrial environments. We run the SMT PCB Assembly lines one day a week for our production leaving ample time to run many other projects.

We have assembled thousands of boards in the last 15 years, and tens of thousands prior, one Bus company has 3,000 of our keyboards for five years now without one failure, so would you like your boards made by us experienced in building a product using our electronic assembly or a pcb assembly house that just makes boards to spec with no record of how they did in the field.

Board Above - 628 SMD's, 6.875x6.125

Board Above - 767 SMD's, 6.875x7.125

Board Above - 296 SMD's, 2.35x6.35

Board Above - 29 SMD's, 11 TH, 1.125x4.000

Board Above - 8 TH, 2.375x3.875

Board Above - 87 SMD's, 9 TH, 3.75x7.25


Board Above - 276 SMD's, 86 TH, 6.00x11.50

Board Above - 276 SMD's, 86 TH, 9.75x11.50

SMT Equipment List:

5 PC's Fax Pop-up booth Scanner Photostyler Photo Shop Pagemaker HP Roll 36" plotter AutoCAD Multisim V-10 Unltiboard V-10 (unlimited nodes) 2 Tektronix O'Scopes Pico Multi trace 3 printers 2 drawing tables light table 24" laminator wave form generator frequency counter power supplies 29 assembly tables 2 microscopes misc assembly hand tools misc assembly fixtures 2 Branson Sonic Welders MyData TP-9 pick and place machine MyData TP9-UFP pick and place machine Mydata TP11-UFP pick and place machine Vitronics reflow over Heller reflow oven 2 MPM screen printers DEC screen printer ABC batch board washer MPM SPM Screen Printer 240/480 75 KVA Dry Transformer Epilog Laser and Control PC 2 Bridgeport milling machines Clausing turret lathe 72" shear 36" shear vertical ban saw surface grinder 3 ton foot punch horizontal band saw optical comparator 2 drill presses 18 ton OBI punch press 24" brake 36" brake 12 ton 48" brake corner notcher air compressor misc machinist hand tools misc machine shop equipment dividing head, rotary table index head, chucks Square wave heliarc welder gas welder stud welder disc grinder bench grinder Vacuum Forming Machine Case Loader/fork lift pigment ink roll printer Photostyler Photo Shop Pagemaker

EKI Building

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