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Programmable Keyboards

Programmable Keyboard from EKI

Programmable keyboards can be programmed in the field to make a key output a sequence of keys thus giving a more accurate output and saving time. EKI makes keyboard that do not require any software to be loaded on the PC making the keyboard very portable. Each keyboard can be programmed by a simple sequence with LED indication of being in program mode.

Programmable keyboards for Industry can be programmed in the field. Industries including industrial automation, process control, machine control, POS, retail, fast food, data input, control room, desk top, health care, testing, inspection, and being reprogrammable we fit tomorrows needs today.

NEW - Lifetime warrantee for EKI keyboards - Install it, Use it, Forget it. EKI has now been manufacturing keyboards for over ten years. EKI has thousands of keyboards working in the field with 1-2 failures per year, we have never charged for failure repair even out of the old one year warrantee, so we have now extended our one year warrantee to a lifetime warrantee. EKI keyboards do not wear out, the key text does not wear off, they are sealed to NEMA 4, they are rugged and are used in Alaska and off the coast of Alaska, to the deserts of UAE, to the humidity of LA, inside of refrigerators, shipboard, airborne, 2,500 in buses over 4 years no failures, in Kiosks, fast food, retail, and in factories around the world, and to the other extreme in hospitals, clear rooms and control rooms.

90 Position Field programmable keyboard

Key text, key colors, graphics, can be permanant or changed in the field


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Two basic sizes of programmable keyboards, 90 position and 180 position keyboard. Optional touch pad mouse. Compact size, the 90 position is 6" x 12"x 1" with a 6x15 key matrix, and the 180 position is 10" x 12" x 1" with a 12x15 key matrix. The programmable keyboards are NEMA 4. They can be mounted or standalone. In one setting the programmable keyboard can have the normal QWERTY type pattern for servicing the machine or process PC, then be switched to a fully programmable keyboard to control the machine or process. The programmable keyboards can have programmable key sequences of 4, 8 and 16 keys and can be programmed on the fly in the field with no software to load, just flip a switch on the rear of the keyboard, touch a key position, then touch the key sequence, touch the program key, and it's programmed. You can turn a key position off by touching a key position and then the program key. You can have background programmed keys on the keys you are using in normal operation, then by touching the program key, the next key touched will output the background sequence, then automatically

revert back to the normal key. Once one keyboard is programmed you can connect a second keyboard to it and clone the programmed keys to a second, third, etc. keyboard. Each key also has audible feedback for operator inputs. The keyboard can also be used with a standard keyboard on one computer. Optional external key switch or other mechanical switch inputs can output codes dependent on external switch positions, or control or modify keyboard outputs. EKI also adds custom key text, key colors, key patterns and logo's. Outputs can be PS2, dual RS-232/422, or USB. Dual RS-232/422 inputs can receive serial comms from other equipment, convert to PS2 and send via the PS2 port to the host PC. Key text overlays can have permanent adhesive, or removable adhesive so the overlays can be changed in the field as the key text need changes. Because the keys are completely electronic with no moving parts they are unaffected by vibration, altitude, G forces, and can be used inside or outside.


Programmable Keyboard

NEMA 4 Field Programmable Keyboard

Note: The key layout is only shown for an example. Please see sample layouts below we have done for others. You can have your number of keys, shapes of keys, colors, logo's, and hot keys.

83 PPKB-SA-N4-B (stand alone programmable keyboard) shown above is in quantity one. This NEMA 4 standalone programmable industrial keyboard just sits on a table or piece of equipment and is sealed to NEMA 4. The cable plugs into the PS2 port and is permanently attached to the keyboard. The keyboard above is shown with one of many overlay styles that EKI custom makes to fit a customers application. The keyboard is 12.50 inches (317mm) wide, and 6.25 inches (159mm) deep, and 1.50 inch (38mm) thick at the rear. The keyboard above can be fitted with the optional Cirque touch panel as shown below in the SAMPLE key overlay patterns for an extra cost. The keyboard is mounted to a angled mount that can be removed allowing the keyboard to be mounted directly to a surface.

NEMA 4 Field Programmable Keyboard Operation

Rear Switch 1 - Test - if an "s" is sent from rs-232 port it will dump emitters and detectors on, off, and difference. When the programmable keyboard is started with switch 1 on it enables setting the number of key sequences, so when started if you touch the prog key you will be able to program the default up to 8 key sequence; or touch any other key once, then the prog key, you will be able to program up to 4 key sequences; or touch any other key twice, then the prog key you will be able to program up to 8 key sequences; or touch any other key trice, then the prog key, you be able to program up to 16 key sequences. When finished switch 1 must be turn off, if left on then the next time you start the keyboard you will have to reset the sequence. If turned off then the sequence programmed prior will be used.

Rear Switch 2 - Program Mode can be select at at any time the programmable keyboard is running, when selected the Prog key LED will turn on. The programming sequence is to touch the key you want to program, then touch the keys in the sequence, then touch the Prog key. To turn off a location or key touch the key, and then the Prog key. To erase a programmed key, touch the key and then the Prog key twice. There is 1K of program space, 256 at 4 key sequences, 128 at 8, and 64 at 16. The 90 position has 90 positions at 4 keys per sequence, 90 positions at 8 keys per sequence and 64 positions at 16 keys per sequence. The 180 position has 180 positions at 4 keys per sequence, 128 positions at 8 keys per sequence and 64 positions at 16 keys per sequence.

Rear Switch 3 - Audible Key response Enable.

Rear Switch 4 - Repeat Key Enable.

Rear Switch 5 - Programmable Keyboard Clone - enables keyboard to keyboard sequence transfer, so after you get one keyboard programmed the way you want it you can clone others. The sending keyboard connects to the cloning keyboard via rs-232 port on the rear of the keyboard, special cable needed. The cloning sequence is to turn on switch 5 then touch the Prog key. Sending will continue until the Prog LED flashes, about 15 seconds, then turn off switch 5 and the LED will stop flashing. The receiving keyboard is just plugged into the rs-232 port, when the Prog key is touch on the sending keyboard the Prog key LED will come on on the receiving keyboard until the send is complete then the LED will flash ten times and resume normal operation.

Rear Switch 6 - Keypad enable, if the keyboard has an overlay that is dual marked with a numeric keypad on the right switch 6 will enable the keyboard to be selected via the PS2 port with the NUM Lock key.

Rear Switch 7 - Slave Mode Enable - When in slave mode the keyboard does not answer host requests. This is to allow multiple keyboard to operate on host where only one keyboard can answer host requests.

Rear Switch 8 - 2nd Overlay Enable - Switch 8 toggles between programmable overlay and a second overlay. When off keys are programmable in sequences of 4, 8, and 16. When on the second overlay is selected, if the Prog key is touched, the next key if programmed will output the program sequence, then revert back to the key in second overlay, e.g. if you program the R key for the word Richard, or the T key for your telephone number, while you are typing on the standard keyboard key text overlay, you can touch Prog, then R and Richard will appear on the display, and if you touch R again it will output a R.

Programmable keyboard can have up to 90 touch programmable positions, or up to 180 programmable positions

Protected under U.S. Patents, Bowen, 5,378,069 - 5,577,848 - 5,605,406 - 5,707,160 - 5,785,439

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Protected under U.S. Patents, Bowen, 5,378,069 - 5,577,848 - 5,605,406 - 5,707,160 - 5,785,439

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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