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Operator Stations and Industrial Computers for harsh environments with custom keyboards

Any Number of keys up to 90, any color, any text, 3-4 week delivery

Operator Station 8340 OS with LCD display with four lines of fourty characters. Any combination of up to 90 keys, size of keys, hot keys, graphics and color schemes, click on "Sample Key Patterns" to the left for some samples. Delivery 3-4 weeks. Three modes of operation:

  • Slave Mode - the RS-232 port is outputs to host, and inputs to the display from the host. The host receives input from the keyboard and and sends data back to be displayed. Or the host displays data to be responded to by the keyboard.
  • Serial Input Mode - with a RS-232, or RS 422 port the data from the keyboard is displayed on the display and then transmitted to the host when the enter key is touched.
  • PS2 Input Mode - data from the keyboard is displayed on the display and then transmitted to the host when the enter key is touched.

Protocol is eight bits of data, no parity, one stop bit, 2,400 baud, DCE, and Xon Xoff. Overall size is 12.00 x 9.25x 1.38.

Surface mounting to NEMA 12. 5VDC at 250mA or 12VAC power supply required -


Electronic Keyboards, Inc

4720 Haag Drive, Union Grove, WI 53182


Protected under U.S. Patents, Bowen, 5,378,069 - 5,577,848 - 5,605,406 - 5,707,160 - 5,785,439

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
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