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Electronic Keyboards, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Industrial Keyboards and keypads

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Electronic Keyboards (EKI) has a 10,000 square foot building in NC to manufacture industrial keyboards, 6,000 square feet A/C for keyboard assembly and test and 4,000 for manufacturing custom industrial keyboards. EKI has two surface mount assembly lines for inhouse quick turn around assembly.

The unique keyboard detects your finger optically so the are no mechanial components or moving parts to wear out or contacts to go faulty or intermittent.

Because of this patented technology EKI keyboards come with a lifetime warrantee!

By detecting your finger optically custom industial keyboards just by reprogramming the matrix of detecters and doing new artwork for the key text, and in any language, or range of colors and key grouping. And come with outputs of PS2, USB or Serial (rs-232, rs-422) and inputs with a finger, pointer, glove or laser.

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Keyboard manufactured by Electronic Keyboards

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Custom Keyboard manufactured by Electronic Keyboards

Laser Keyboard manufactured by Electronic Keyboards

Laser Keyboard manufactured by Electronic Keyboards

The following is a list of EKI equipment that shows our commitment to manufacturing industrial keyboards: Photostyler Photo Shop Pagemaker HP Roll 36" plotter AutoCAD Multisim V-10 Unltiboard V-10 (unlimited nodes) 2 Tektronix O'Scopes Pico Multi trace 3 printers 2 drawing tables light table 24" laminator wave form generator frequency counter power supplies 29 assembly tables 2 microscopes misc assembly hand tools misc assembly fixtures 2 Branson Sonic Welders MyData TP-9 pick and place machine MyData TP9-UFP pick and place machine Mydata TP11-UFP pick and place machine Vitronics reflow over Heller reflow oven 2 MPM screen printers DEC screen printer ABC batch board washer MPM SPM Screen Printer 240/480 75 KVA Dry Transformer Epilog Laser and Control PC 2 Bridgeport milling machines Clausing turret lathe 72" shear 36" shear vertical ban saw surface grinder 3 ton foot punch horizontal band saw optical comparator 2 drill presses 18 ton OBI punch press 24" brake 36" brake 12 ton 48" brake corner notcher air compressor misc machinist hand tools misc machine shop equipment dividing head, rotary table index head, chucks Square wave heliarc welder gas welder stud welder disc grinder bench grinder Vacuum Forming Machine Case Loader/fork lift pigment ink roll printer.

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