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New All Metal Kiosk Fabricated by EKI in the USA


Price with no electronics (empty box), with 19" touch screen LCD and full travel stainless steel keyboard. Size - 22"x22"x62", Epoxy coated, Colors optional, rollers optional, two locking doors in back, and two shelves?

Do you want yours special, we also do customs, ask an expert! We do turnkey also!

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What You Should Know About Kiosk(s)

In the past, a kiosk was a booth or stand where some simple services were offered to the general public. Nowadays, kiosks carry out the same function without the human presence. Computers have now replaced humans as the terminals are designed to provide some specialized and specific services. A computer kiosk, also called an electronic kiosk or interactive kiosk, has a computer terminal system that uses custom software. This software is designed in a unique way to ensure that the kiosk can operate flawlessly and prevent users from gaining access to certain functions. The interactive kiosks are fully featured PC terminals with optional card reader, printer and internet connectivity support to provide information and on-demand transaction. Most of the computer manned terminals are interactive systems, so the kiosks provide users with responses almost instantaneously. These types of kiosks might be used for the purpose of completing specific transactions or for providing information based on what the computer is programmed to do. The interactive kiosks which are used for transactions are often available in banks. One of the best examples would be the ATM centers. Customer identification is usually done through unique PINs and user ids. When banking institutions set up these kiosks, customers can also use them for cash withdrawal transactions; to gain easy access to accounts and much more. For this reason, the banks usually set up checks and balances systems to make sure that the customers or non-members are not using fraudulent means to take advantage of the kiosks. Interactive computer kiosks which provide information are usually seen in places such as bus terminals, airports and railway stations. These kiosks have the latest computer systems with user-friendly and touchscreen features. With user friendly interfaces programmed into the terminals, everyone can use these kiosks because they are simple and easy to understand. Such kiosks generally provide users with information about flight, train and bus schedules; any delays in travel schedules; the facilities where they can see where a particular flight, train or bus is located through GPS systems and other related details. If you are making plans to invest in a kiosk, there are certain factors to consider. First, you need to get a kiosk from an efficient manufacturer who can provide a hardware that is secure and sturdy with a smooth finish. Secondly, the kiosk should be designed to ensure that user operations are trouble free. Thirdly, you need to choose a kiosk from a company that is providing regular routine services for preventive maintenance both for software and hardware. This is very important for the overall performance and longevity of the system. Kiosks are available in different sizes and orientations, so it should not be difficult for you to find the right one.

Discrete Switch to PS2 Converter

If you need a few large push buttons or switches to output PS2 codes to your computer for control or user interface this is the product.

Up to 60 switches can be connected to output PS2 codes

Converter 60 SC- Now you can have any size key switch in any pattern. You provide the key switches and we'll provide the converted codes. Up to 60 positions, A-Z, 0-9, Enter, Delete, Escape, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Space, Back Space, Tab, Left, Right, Up and Down Arrows, F1-F12 are standard, but any key code output programed. PS2, RS-232, RS-422 outputs.

Mounting whole pattern for mounting only the converter board - 3.35 x 6.85 inches.

Converter to be mounted in your enclosure, with our enclosure. 60 SC is fitted with two terminal blocks, each additional terminal block is installed at an extra charge.

Kiosks with colors

Make your kiosk stand out. The kiosk below has a flat front and a Electronic Keyboards custom sealed keyboard, with hot keys for direct access to web sites and content of your kiosk. The keyboard can be Braille and standard for dual use and ADA compliance. It is sealed to exclude coffee and soda from kiosk entry. And can be easily cleaned without the fear of effecting internal electronics. The display can have a touch screen for keyboard and touch date input.

Custom Kiosk Keyboards from Electonic Keyboards SEE What we can do for YOU

Sealed Kiosk Keyboard

83 PKB-FM (flush mount) or-FMT (flush mount w/threads) is in quantity one, w/Touch Pad. The 83 PKB-FM shown above is a flush mount keyboard that mounts from the rear through a customers panel, when mounted it is sealed. The gasket is included with the keyboard. The cable plugs into the PS2 port and to the keyboard. The keyboard is 12.00 inches (305mm) wide, and 6.25 inches (159mm) deep, and 1.00 inch (26mm) thick. The key text area is 3.75 inches (95mm) by 9.75 inches(247mm). In the -FM there are eight mounting holes that have no threads and are .169 inches in diameter to fit over 6-32 studs, the studs part number is PEM FH-632-20, they can be purchased from Penn Engineering. In the -FMT there are eight mounting holes with 8-32 threads for mounting with the heads exposed, click on "Mounting" for a drawing to show the screw position.

Your keyboard can have colors, custom language, custom text, macro's, key pattern, key grouping - follow this link to see the possibilities, Custom Kiosk Keyboards from Electonic Keyboards SEE What we can do for YOU

Braille Keyboards

Follow this link to custom Braille keyboards>


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