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19" LCD Displays with SAW Touch Screen

1000 nits, 1280x1024, VGA and LVDS inputs

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Discrete Switch to PS2 Converter

If you need a few large push buttons or switches to output PS2 codes to your computer for control or user interface this is the product.

Up to 60 switches can be connected to output PS2 codes

Converter 60 SC- Now you can have any size key switch in any pattern. You provide the key switches and we'll provide the converted codes. Up to 60 positions, A-Z, 0-9, Enter, Delete, Escape, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Space, Back Space, Tab, Left, Right, Up and Down Arrows, F1-F12 are standard, but any key code output programed. PS2, RS-232, RS-422 outputs.

Mounting whole pattern for mounting only the converter board - 3.35 x 6.85 inches.

Converter to be mounted in your enclosure, with our enclosure. 60 SC is fitted with two terminal blocks, each additional terminal block installed is an extra charge.


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