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Medical Keyboards

Medical Keyboards, Medical Programmable Keyboard and Custom Medical Keyboard from EKI.

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Keyboards and Input Devices for Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Nursing Homes and Convalescing

"How'd you like to work on a Clean keyboard"

"The Clean One"(tm) Keyboard is a New keyboard from EKI, has a flat top surface for easy cleaning, detects your finger optically and comes with a lifetime warrantee!

Keyboard with Touchpad

The Clean One TP(tm) with Touch Pad

Keyboard with Numpad

The Clean One NP(tm) with Number Pad

Standard Keyboard

The Clean One SP(tm)

Three models

With touch pad, size 15.25"x6.25"x.80", 23 oz,

With number pad, size 15.25"x6.25"x.80", 23 oz ,

Keyboard alone, size 11.75"x6.25"x.80", 19 oz,

Flat Top Surface

The key text overlay is placed in a recess making the top surface coplanar with the keyboard housing.

Touch Pad

Left Click anywhere on surface, with option of designated LB location.

Right Click designated by RB.

Tap and drag.

Double tap.

Key Actuation Force

0 grams.


PS2 or USB

Compatible with Windows Vista (tm) and XP (tm) operating systems.

Key Text

Rear screened so text will never wear off.

All key text can be custom depending on customer requirment, including macros and language.

Copy, Paste, and Cut keys are standard.

There is a one time engineering charge for making a custom.

Programmable keys

Four programmable keys up to 32 characters

ID Marks

The F and J key have ID marks to orient a users hands for touch typing.

Key Technology

Fingers are optically detected with tactile feedback.


Keys are backlit for low light areas.

Keyboard Material

The Key Text overlay is rear screened on .010" Polycarbonate, text is optionally rear screened on Polyester.

The keyboard upper and lower housing is white ABS, optional Black.

Lifetime Warrantee

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The keyboard is sealed and the key surface is flat for easy cleaning, there is a clean key when touched will disable the keyboard for five minutes, the time can be varied for customer requirements, and designed to withstand bleach cleaning.

Keyboard Key Pattern

Standard Key Pattern

Touch Pad with key pattern

Standard key pattern with Touch Pad

Lifetime warrantee for Medical EKI keyboards - EKI has now been manufacturing keyboards for over ten years. EKI has thousands of keyboards working in the field with 1-2 failures per year, so we have now extended our one year warrantee to a lifetime warrantee. EKI keyboards do not wear out, the key text does not wear off, they are sealed to NEMA 4, they are rugged and are used in Alaska and off the coast of Alaska, to the deserts of UAE, to the humidity of LA, inside of refrigerators, shipboard, airborne, 2,500 in buses over 4 years no failures, in Kiosks, fast food, retail, in factories around the world, and to the other extreme in hospitals, clear rooms and control stations.

Warrantee covers Medical EKI Keyboards presented to EKI factory in NC with freight collect to the sender that have not been disassembled. Warrantee includes any keyboard that fails to operate over the life of the keyboard from the original end user, if a keyboard comes with a touch pad that touch pad only has a one year warrantee, excludes keyboards that show abuse as in hit with a fork lift, broken housing, cut cables, or any other non-operational keyboard abuse from hammers, screw driver, etc.

EKI's Standard line Medical Keyboards

With option of custom text, key color and key pattern

Medical Keyboards

83 PKB-SAMS-CKPS2R ..... Size 8" x 16.75"

Backlit Keyboards

Keyboard Mounts - Keyboards with Displays

-Custom medical keyboards in 1-2 weeks and no minimum order-

We manufacture optical keyboards where the finger is detected by a matrix of infrared sensors. There are no nooks and crannies around keys so they can be just washed off if something is spilled on them. As standard they can be either completely silent or have an audible response, optionally the can have tactile feedback.

With no finger pressure being needed to type persons with Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Connective Tissue Disorder, Arthritis, and others that do not have enough finger pressure or it is uncomfortable to apply pressure can benefit from these keyboards. See our sister site for the Physically Challenged for samples of those keyboards.

Our keyboards are also compact in size so they can be used on your lap, stand, desk or patients bed. They can be fitted with a touch pad to one side, or in the middle of the keyboard. When fitted with a touch pad you can have complete control of your computer from where you're sitting, or lying.

And because they're optical we can personalize them to fit the person using our keyboards. You can have only the keys you want, your name, your colors, your organization's name, your department, and text (a function name). And Hot Keys, one key can input a URL, ctrl-C, etc., so if you're using a program that you press a sequence of keys on a regular basis, those sequences can be programmed into one key with the function name put on the key position.

The price of the custom key text overlay is included in the price, and because there are no moving parts they will never wear out.

We also make them in any language. You send us the keys you want and we'll send you a keyboard.

**These are just a sample of what we can do**

Medical Keyboards

It may not stay at your

station, but at least

they'll know where they

got it from.

Medical Keyboards

Eveyone should have their

own keyboard, what color

should yours be.

Medical Keyboards

With touch pad in the keyboard,

that is toggled between the

keyboard and touch pad with

the Mouse Enable touch

position in the lower left.

Medical Keyboards

Wake up with us each day.

Medical Keyboards

We can superimpose the

the keypad on the right

side that can be toggled

in by the NL key.

Medical Keyboards

Standard colors, good for

some people.

Medical Keyboards

Variations are endless!

Note: Custom key text overlays, you can have your colors and number of keys. Housing come standard in Off White, Black, and Stainless Steel, with the option of being in your color of choice.

Keyboard Models

Medical Keyboards

83 PKB-SAMS ....... Size 8" x 13.25", Custom key text, key patterns, size of keys are an option, so you can either get a standard looking key layout, or one to match your needs or equipment.

Medical Keyboards

8320 PKB-SAMS...... Size 8" x 18.5", Custom key text, key patterns, size of keys are an option, so you can either get a standard looking key layout, or one to match your needs or equipment.

Medical Keyboards

83 PKB-SA-W, w/Touch Pad in the key text area 0 ..... Size 6.25" x 12", Keyboard above is a Stand Alone model and is compact to be used on a bed, wheelchair, or desk top, other models also include Flush Mount and Surface Mount to be attached to equipment.

Quantity discounts available.



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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
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The Matrix Touch (TM) truly gives your customers a touch of class that will never wear out!

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