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Industrial Keyboards

Keyboard Encoder/Switch converter Manufactured by EKI

Discrete Switch to PS2, USB or RS 232/422 Keyboard Converter/Encoder Input Device

If you need a few large push buttons or switches to output PS2, USB or RS 232 codes to your computer for control or user interface this is the product.

Input device with up to 60 switches can be connected to output keyboard codes

Keyboard Encoder

Switch Converter 60 SC - Now you can have any size key switch in any pattern. You provide the key switches and we'll provide the converted codes. Up to 60 positions, A-Z, 0-9, Enter, Delete, Escape, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Space, Back Space, Tab, Left, Right, Up and Down Arrows, F1-F12 are standard, but any other key code output or sequence programed with an NRE (one time programming charge), like ctrl+alt+del with one switch. PS2 output is standard. The 60 SC-N comes with any switch closed gives you an output (nKey rollover), or the 60 SC-L will only allow the one switch at a time closed, all other switches are locked out. RS-232 (-C2) or RS-422 (-C4) outputs are optional. Other options include up to 8 LED drive outputs, and external speaker drive, or on board speaker for audible response for a switch.

Mounting hole pattern for mounting only the converter board - 3.35 x 6.85 inches, four holes.

Converter to be mounted in your enclosure, with our stainless steel enclosure (-E). 60 SC is fitted with two terminal blocks as standard, each additional terminal block is extra. To do all 60 switches takes four extra terminal blocks. RS-232 and RS-422 output is extra and requires an external 5 VDC power supply, or for an extra charge a 12 VAC transformer can be used, all must be specified when ordered. On board speaker is an extra charge. External speaker drive is a no cost extra, but is not standard, and must be configured to the customer when order placed.

Standard 60 SC Terminal Configuration, customs configurations and outputs are available, Contact an expert.

Choose the terminal that corresponds to the output needed. Connect a wire from that terminal to your switch. Connect the other terminal on the switch to one of the four (4) COM’s. Connect the five (5) pin connector at one end of the provided PS2 cable to the connector on the 60 SC that says Keyboard, plug the six (6) pin standard PS2 connector into your computer PS2 keyboard port. There are no power supplies required. When you operate your switch the 60 SC will output PS2 code to the computer. If you are unsure of the connection proceedure please call 252-331-6550 Electronic Keyboards, Inc., Elizabeth City, NC.

Up to 6 keyboards to one PS2 input device

EKI life time keyboard warrantee or EKI standard warrantee does not apply to this keyboard encoder because customer connection are made directly to the encoder, and if the encoder is not handled in a non-static area or table a spark can damage the encoder, and this is out of the control of EKI.


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