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Industrial Keyboards

8315 and 8318 Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers

15" and 18" TFT LCD Industrial Computers for harsh environments with standard key layout or custom keyboards to fit your application.

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Industrial Computers

8315 Industrial Computer with stainless steel housing.

8315 IC Industrial Computer shown mounted on the free standing pedestal.

Industrial Computer with Pedestal

8315 and 8318 Industrial Computer, with custom keyboard to fit your application.

Industrial Computer Solution for machine control, shop or plant floors, clean rooms, and process control of all kinds.

Industrial Computer - 8315SS-IC, Stainless steel wash down NEMA 12 enclosure, size:18" wide, 18" tall, 10.5" deep. Weighs just 40 pounds. The 8318 IC is 18" wide, 21" tall, 12.5" deep, and weighs 45 pounds. The front lifts up for easy access to internal components, and then locks securely on both sides with one key - there are no screws or fasteners on the outside of the enclosure. The keyboard angle optimized for ADA compliance for stand-up users and persons in wheelchairs. 2.4 GigHz P4, 512 megs of RAM, 3serial ports, 1 parallel port, 6 USB, 40 gig hard drive, 10/100 RJ 45 comms port, 3 PCI, Industrial Grade Computer Board, 15 inch or 18" Color LCD with RGB input with .125" thick clear Lexan protective cover, Windows 98, Cirque Touch Pad mouse to right of keyboard, 83 PKB-FM keyboard with PS2 output with standard key layout or any combination of up to 90 keys, size of keys, hot keys, graphics and color schemes click on "Industrial Keyboards" to the left for some samples. Delivery 3-6 weeks.. The 8315-IC with metal enclosure epoxy painted to your color. Optional - Windows NT,Win 2K Pro, XP, CD-Rom, Floppy Drive and Touch Screen.


The overall size of the 8315 OS (Operator Station) and IC (Industrial Computer) are the same. The enclosures are either stainless steel (SS) or epoxy painted metal. The OS includes a display, keyboard, and mouse. The IC includes a display, keyboard, mouse and computer. The computer comes in a basic configuration; user specified options quoted on request. The front is hinged in the rear and lifts up for easy access to the internal components, and locks down with one lower central key. The suffix for the different mounts are, Stand Alone (-SA), Table or Pedestal (-TP), StandOff (-SO), Flush (-FL), and Swivel (-SW). Using these suffixes the proper mounting accessories will be sent with the enclosure.

Enclosure (NEMA 12, but can be washed down - Note: the 8315 is fan cooled to maintain positive air pressure internally with a 45ppi filter)

Size: 18 inches (457.2mm) wide, 18 inches (457.2mm) high, and 10.5 (266.7mm) inches deep. Material: 8315 OS and 8315 IC are epoxy painted metal. 8315SS OS and 8315SS IC are Stainless steel. Finish: epoxy painted metal is as standard Off White (-W), Black (-B), or Gray (-G). Custom colors have a paint match fee. Stainless steel is passivated.

Weight: 8315 OS and 8315SS OS are 30 lbs. 8315 IC and 8315SS IC are 40 lbs.

Display Panel

TFT Active Matrix 15 " LCD, Max Resolution 1024x768, 0.297mm pixel pitch, RGB 15pin DB-9 size (standard PC), and has .125 inch Lexan cover. Power Requirements: AC 100-240V 50-60 Hz, 34 watts maximum.

Display Adjustment: There are five buttons to control the display. ON/OFF: The button is mounted on the rear of the keyboard inside of the enclosure. The customer can turn the display on and off with this button.

Auto Setup (A): This button when touched will automatically adjust the display, and when touched after completing adjustments using the On-Screen Display menu to save adjusted settings.

Return (enter): This button when touched will activate the On-Screen Display allowing adjustment of all display parameters, and allow toggling between icons on the On-Screen Display.

Plus (+) and Minus (-): These buttons let you move the highlight between different adjustable features, once selection is made the Return button is touched to enter a sub menu to adjust that setting using the Plus and Minus buttons. When adjustments are complete the Auto Setup button is touched to save the setting. Auto Setup, Return, Plus and Minus Button Location: With the front of the enclosure hinged up in the open position, the four buttons are on the right side of the display in the corner nearest the touch pad mouse.

Matrix Touch Keyboard

Type: The finger is detected optically, there are no moving parts to wear out. This makes for a very rugged keyboard that has no detection means to be touched or damaged, it can even be stuck with a knife and not affect the life or operation of the keyboard. And with no moving parts it can never wear out.

Custom: The keyboard is made custom to fit the customer. A customer can have a standard looking keyboard, or can have a custom keyboard with up to 90 keys, custom size keys, macro keys, custom colors, custom key patterns, and custom key text. Please visit our site to see some of the ones we have done for others.

Output: PS2, RS-232 or RS-422 Input: (optional) four (4) inputs from discrete switches that output PS2 or RS-232 codes. Power Requirements: 5 VDC at 80 mA.

Sunlight: The Matrix Touch keyboard detects the finger optically, so if the keyboard is going to be placed in direct sunlight, the -SL version of the keyboard must be ordered.


Cirque 9920 touch pad mouse, right and left clicks, custom overlay to match keyboard, and PS2 and serial outputs.


Standard Configuration: Industrial mother board with 500 meg Celeron processor, 64 megs of RAM, 4 serial ports, 1 parallel port, 2 USB, 5 gig hard drive, 10/100 com (RJ45), and Windows 98. Options: NT, 128 meg RAM, 10 gig hard drive, CDROM.

Mounting (consult factory for drawings)

Sunlight: The Matrix Touch keyboard detects the finger optically, so if the keyboard is going to be placed in direct sunlight, the -SL version of the keyboard must be ordered.

Height: Suggest mounting height is 39 inches to the bottom of the enclosure from the floor.

Stand Alone: The enclosure is shipped with rubber mount feet. In this configuration it can be operated sitting on a work surface without being attached. If the enclosure is to be mounted the rubber feet can be removed. Normally the wiring comes out of the bottom access opening. An Access Cover is mounted on the rear surface. If the customer wants the wiring to come out of the rear the access cover can be removed to expose a second wiring opening in the rear of the enclosure.

Table or Pedestal: First remove the rubber feet. To attach the enclosure there are four (4) .312 inch (8mm) diameter holes in the bottom of the enclosure for inch (6mm) bolts. The key lock must have at least a one (1) inch diameter hole for clearance. A hole must be cut in the mounting surface at the location of the rectangular opening in the bottom of the enclosure. The wiring goes through this opening. If the installer is installing an IC with fans venting from the bottom of the enclosure then opening in the mounting surface must be cut at matching locations.

Standoff: Four (4) one (1) inch standoffs are included to enable mounting the enclosure to a wall or machine panel. The standoffs are needed to space the enclosure away from the wall when the front is opened to access internal components. A foam gasket is included to pass the wiring through and bridge the distance that the spacers leave between the enclosure and the mounting surface.

Flush: If the enclosure can be mounted with the hinge above the top of a surface, then the enclosure can be mounted flush to the mounting surface. In this mounting the fan must be moved to the bottom of the enclosure.

Swivel (optional): The swivel mount allows for plus or minus 45 degrees of movement from side to side of the enclosure. This allows an operator to position the enclosure for best operating position to suit different operators, or once positioned the pivot bolt can be tightened to maintain the enclosure position. When wiring it is suggested to mount the enclosure side of the swivel mount to the enclosure. Then pass the wires through, add the pivot spacer, and position equal number of wires on either side of the pivot spacer. Then pass the wires through the mating swivel mount. Then position pivot glide spacers, pivot bolt, and the mating swivel mount together and secure with the pivot bolt nut. Then pass the wires through the mounting surface and secure the swivel mount to the mounting surface. Swivel Mount.

Wiring Access

Wiring access is either through the rear or the bottom depending on mounting preference. All wiring to the enclosure from the factory is class 2.

Power Supplies: All power supplies to operate the internal components are included but must be mounted exterior to the enclosure, and should be connected to a disconnect to shut power off to all connections at shut down.

Grounding: A green ground wire attached to the enclosure is included to be attached to an external ground.

Cables From IC: In a standard configuration the only cable shipped with the IC comes from the power supply. The power supply must be mounted external to the enclosure. The power supply has a receptacle to accept the power cable from the accessory bag. The other end of this cable must be connected to a grounded 110-120VAC receptacle. All other cables like the printer and com port cables are supplied by the customer.

NOTE: The customer must not mount any electrical class one (with voltages over 24 VAC) devices inside the enclosure.


Operating Temperature: 32 degrees F to 104 degrees F (0 degrees C to 40 degrees C)

Humidity: 20% RH to 90% RH (no condensation)

Fan: The fan filter must be replaced every month. The filter cover snaps off to remove the old filter element. The element can be purchased from Digi-Key, part number is CR215 (45 PPI type filter). Any forced air coming into the enclosure through the wiring access opening must be at or below ambient. No negative air can be drawn from the enclosure through the wiring access opening.

Parts List of Items Sent: (OEM versions may be shipped with order specific items and may not contain all items listed, and may include different items)

Computer Power supply.

Accessory Bag containing - IC Manual, Computer Manual, Keyboard Manual, Power supply cable, Spare Filter element, Foam gasket for standoff mounting, Standoffs (4) for standoff mounting, and keys (2).

EKI Limited Warranty

We warrant that if this EKI product distributed by EKI and purchased by you, proves to be defective in material or workmanship, we will provide without charge, for one (1) year, the labor and parts necessary to remedy any such defect. This warranty period will start on the date of purchase by the original retail customer, if the product has not been tampered with. The duration of any implied warranty, or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise, on this product shall be limited to this duration of the applicable express warranty set forth above. In no event shall we be liable for any loss, inconvenience of damage whether direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise resulting from breach of any express of implied warranty, or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise with respect to this product, except as set forth herein. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts and some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. During the applicable warranty period when we, EKI, provide without charge, parts or labor necessary to remedy defects in your product, all warranty inspections must be performed and parts obtained, at an EKI, authorized service station. To obtain service under this warranty, you must present or send your EKI product with a copy of the retail seller's original bill of sale, your charge or credit receipt, or other satisfactory proof of the date of original retail purchase of the product, to any of the EKI authorized service stations. Any postage, insurance and shipping cost incurred in presenting or sending your EKI product for service is your responsibility. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state.

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