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"Ultra Tech - Ultra Tough Electronic Keyboard with Engineered Quality"

These keys are not Membrane, your finger is detected optically, no contacts to wear out, so each touch position is rated at 30,000,000 touches a year - With up to 180 Keys

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Electronic Keyboards Inc. manufactures electronic keyboards for a verity of industries including factories, doctors offices, hospitals, quadriplegics and other special needs persons, clean rooms and control rooms. Having optical finger detection and completely electronic gives a feel that will never ware out and can be easily made custom to fit the company or operator needs to increase the operators proficiency. Without the need for switches or contacts that get corroded or wear the contact surface through. Look in the right side bar for a detailed list of all the electronic keyboards EKI offers and select you paticular preference.

NEW - Lifetime warrantee for EKI Electronic keyboards - Install it, Use it, Forget it. EKI has now been manufacturing electronic keyboards for over ten years. EKI has thousands of electronic keyboards working in the field with 1-2 failures per year, we have never charged for failure repair even out of the old one year warrantee, so we have now extended our one year warrantee to a lifetime warrantee. EKI electronic keyboards do not wear out, the key text does not wear off, they are sealed to NEMA 4, they are rugged and are used in Alaska and off the coast of Alaska, to the deserts of UAE, to the humidity of LA, inside of refrigerators, shipboard, airborne, 2,500 electronic keyboards in buses over 6 years no failures, also in Kiosks, fast food, retail, and in factories around the world, and to the other extreme in hospitals, clear rooms and control rooms.

If you want an electonic keyboard that works day in day out 24/7 take a look at ours, and for only an extra charge we can make it fit your application, install it, use it, forget it. If you are an OEM or end user looking for a Custom Electronic Keyboard, Standard Electronic Keyboard or Custom electronic Keypad EKI's engineering department Responds, Challenge us!

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Lifetime warrantee for EKI electonic keyboards -

Warrantee covers electronic keyboards presented to EKI factory in NC with freight collect to the sender that have not been disassembled. Warrantee includes any of our electonic keyboard that fails to operate over the life of the keyboard from the original end user, excludes electonic keyboards that show abuse as in hit with a fork lift, broken housing, cut cables, keyboard that have be cleaned with a high concentrate of chlorine or other plastic and adhesive degradation chemicals, or any other non-operational keyboard abuse from hammers, screw driver, etc.

RoHSEKI electronic keyboards and processes are now lead free RoHS compliant.


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Matrix Touch (TM) Electronic Keyboards truly give your customers a touch of class that will never wear out!

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