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EKI makes you a custom keyboard for a onetime cost, from one key up to 180 keys with lifetime warrantee!

Custom keyboards offer customers the option of customizing keys with colors, key sizes, number of keys, adding logo's, hot keys sending macros, custom languages, sealed to NEMA 4, rugged, and custom housings, and programmable to your spec's. Quantity is not an issue, EKI builds from 1 to 1,000's. All come with a lifetime warrantee. The quantity of keys can be from one position up to 180 positions. Custom keyboards for use in point of sale, fast food, bump bars, factories, machine control, and control rooms and with Backlight. Call us or email us today for quote. For a complete list of EKI keyboards please click on HOME in the right side bar.

Custom keyboard with 90 programmable custom keys that are programmed through a computers serial connection using hyper-terminal. A customer makes a text file then up-loads the custom file. Up to 30 characters per output key string. Great for software that needs multiple key strokes, but only one key touch.

EKI custom keyboards detect your finger optically and have zero operating force, unlike membrane keyboards that have a limited life because they use contacts with high finger force, can fail. EKI keyboards are warranted for life and only cost one time charge to make a custom. No need for custom color key caps with different text that can wear off EKI puts a .010 Lexan protective sheet over all keys.


"Ultra tech - Ultra tough" Install it,Use it, Forget it

Custom keyboard or keypad in 1-3 weeks with a (one time engineering charge) - So why not get your keyboard to fit your application and make your operators more productive, quantity is not an issue, EKI builds from 1 to 1,000's.

30 Million Touches a year - Up to 180 Keys

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

The Matrix Touch (TM) truly gives your customers a touch of class that will never wear out!

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