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New Cell Phone with full QWERTY in 9 quad direction sliding keys, each letter only one touch away

The fastest one hand text messaging machine!

Our new cell phone has a qwerty key pattern in nine keys. Each letter is only one touch away. By using multidirectional optical detection sliding keys a user can text message and have the full QWERTY pattern available with only one touch. And with the sliding action of each key they cannot be false triggered by depressing the key.

If you want a Q, then just biasing the 1 key to the left inputs the Q, one touch! On a present cell phone count the touches in texting MBFF, one touch on the 6 key for M, two touches on the 2 key for B, six touches on the 3 key for two F's, total nine touches. On this cell phone you would only touch four times, or more than twice as fast. Like the name RAY takes 9 touches on a present cell phone, on this cell phone 3 touches.

This is the single most revolutionary advancement in cell phone text messaging. This could obsolete thumb boards. Now in one hand you have the full QWERTY pattern at one touch. No more hitting the 5 key three times to get the L.

Also keeping the cell phones small form factor, and still one hand full qwerty operation.

This technology also enables individual lighting of each key. And each key can have five functions so if only three keys are added it means fifteen more functions. With the keys being multidirectional one extra key could give full cursor selection of display options. Plus being optical they don't wear out because there are no contacts.

If you have any questions I would love to talk to you about this exciting new technology. My patent application has been made public on March 13, 2008. US Patent Office Publication Number US-2008-0062015-A1.

We are a small company that will soon have a cell phone and a PDA in a cell phone size on the market.


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