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Industrial Keyboards

OEM Keyboard from EKI

OEM Keyboards, Input Devices and Interfaces for factory floor, machine control, process control and the automation industry.

Keyboards and Keypads to fit your application. Keyboards can be mounted or stand alone. NEMA 4 Custom oem keyboard. All keyboards are field programmable.

"Ultra tech - Ultra tough"

30 Million Touches a year - Up to 180 Keys


The Ultimate NEMA 4/IP 66 OEM Mouse - Touchpad - Track ball - Joystick - Roller Ball

Keyboard Mounts - Keyboards with Displays

Custom patterns in 1-2 weeks and no minimum order

EKI manufactures optical NEMA 4 OEM keyboard where the finger is detected by a matrix of infrared sensors with drift free technology so they can be used outside, desk top or the factory floor. There are no nooks and crannies around keys so they can be just washed off if something is spilled on them. As standard they can be either completely silent or have an audible response.

Rugged OEM keyboards that will not wear out, rated at 30,000,000 touches per year. EKI's industrial keyboard detects your finger optically so there are no moving parts, and no domes to crack... these are not membrane or mechanical switch keyboards, you can stick a knife in the touch surface and not affect the life or operation. Keyboard can have permanent, semi-permanent key text overlays. OEM keyboard that can I/O dual ascii (rs-232 or rs-422), USB or PS2 codes and sequences of codes. They are sealed so they can be easily washed off. Our custom keyboards and keypads fit your application.

With our OEm keyboards that use PS2 output, there is no other connections required.

Our OEM keyboards are also compact in size so they can be used on your lap, stand, or desk. We have models that can be mounted to a panel or machine. They can be fitted with a touch pad to one side, or in the middle of the keyboard.

And because they're optical we can make them to fit your application. You can have only the keys you want, your name, your colors, your organization's name, your department, and text (a function name). And Hot Keys, one key can input a URL, ctrl-C, etc., so if you're using a program that you press a sequence of keys on a regular basis, those sequences can be programmed into one key with the function name put on the key position.

The price of the custom key text overlay is included in the price, and because there are no moving parts they will never wear out.

We also make them in any language. You send us the keys you want and we'll send you a keyboard.

See our Complete Line Industrial Keyboards and Peripherals

Custom patterns in 1-2 weeks and no minimum order

35 Position Industrial Keyboards

The 35 position industrial keyboards have the same overall size as the 20 position industrial keyboard or industrial keypad, and mount the same way. The only difference is there are more sensors inside to detect the added positions, and are slightly higher in cost. The key pitch is .5 inches.


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The Matrix Touch (TM) truly gives your customers a touch of class that will never wear out!

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